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Educating our young is vital to preventing further neglect and cruelty.

Education is the most vital part of our cause. We must provide education and information to everyone about the many issues involving animals, our planet and our future as people on this earth.

We do not believe in pushing people to change, but to instead, provide them with the right information allowing them to make an intelligent decision for themselves and their loved ones.

Our educational goal is provide school sponsored field trips; from Elementary to High school. During these school trips, we will give tours of the property and provide information about the life of each of the animals at the farm and the actual way that an animal is suppose to live compared to how they are usually treated in factory farms.

We'll provide education on becoming a better pet owner in order to prevent future neglect and animal cruelty; educate them about the importance of making sure their pet is spayed or neutered and reinforcing that in Clark County it is the law. Encouraging them to volunteer, foster or adopt a pet from a shelter rather than a breeder helping to change and spare the life of a previously unwanted or unwelcomed animal.

We will also provide information about the importance of staying healthy and making the right decisions in your everyday life, especially when growing up. The percentage of kids who are overweight or suffer from diabetes and other issues is at an alarming rate. Understanding why this happens and how you can avoid it is of major importance. They will also tour the organic garden, maybe pick up a fruit or a vegetable, and learn how to make a backyard garden showing how important it is to grow one and to do it organically. A balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables along with a fun active lifestyle is essential to a healthy life. We here at V Animal's Sanctuary promote a plant based vegan diet for health, compassion for animal's and to make a true environmental impact.

Giving the opportunity to kids in our area to see what we do everyday, will keep them off the streets, away from bad habits, and will keep them active and involved with the community allowing them to participate in volunteer opportunities.

Let your kids show compassion and love towards all animals.
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