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What is V Animal Sanctuary

V Animal Sanctuary is a safe place for neglected and abused farmed animals.

V Animal Sanctuary Credentials (see below):
• V Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation federally recognized by the IRS.
• V Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit corporation with Tax Exempt status with the State of Nevada.
• V Animal Sanctuary is a fully licensed charitable identity in Clark County, Nevada.
• V Animal Sanctuary is a rescue partner with The Animal Foundation.
• V Animal Sanctuary works with the State of Nevada in animal related issues.
• V Animal Sanctuary provides education to schools.

Mission and Statement.

To Rescue abandoned, neglected and abused farmed animals.

To provide education for kids, teens and adults in several areas including;
Animal Rights, Animal overpopulation, Animal Cruelty, Factory Farming, Environmental Impact, Organic Gardening, Healthy Eating and the Vegan lifestyle.

We provide the tools and information in order to prevent further animal cruelty and over population.


Can we volunteer?
There are some volunteer opportunities, click here to view.

Are there any paid staff?


How is VAS funded?
The main source of income for VAS is through private funds provided by the founder equalling roughly 90%. The other 10% comes in the form of personal and private donations, events, merchandise sales, and animal sponsorship.
VAS is not currently funded by any state or federal sources.

Is VAS only for Vegans?
No, VAS welcomes all walks of life but we do require respect towards the animals that live here by not allowing people to bring tobacco, meat, diary or other animal derived products on to the property. We don't require you to be Vegan, just respectful of the Vegan lifestyle while your here.

Can a school, group, class visit VAS?

Yes! Please email us for details and more information.

How do I know my donation is being use properly?
Every donation is welcome and much needed. As a succesful organization, VAS must eventually be self sustainable through donations, merchandise sales, grants, animal sponsorships, etc. Every donation helps us get to this goal, allows us to rescue more animals in need. It also helps us provide medical care and feed to our current residents as well as community outreach & educational programs

Do you have a question you would like us to answer, please contact us at info@vanimalsanctuary.org

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Bookmark - Rabbit Help
Bookmark - Rabbit Help
Donation: $20.00
Help us promote the safety and well being of thousands of rabbits that are being abandoned in many places around Clark County.
These bookmarks will be passed out to schools but we also need help passing them out to everyone to bring awareness to a big issue.

This donation is optional, you can still request free bookmarks at

Bookmarks are full color, 14pt, 2x7. Printed on eco-friendly inks and paper.