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News and Events

Sept 6th

Meet our Master Gardeners!

September 10th

Design and Wine Fundraiser

September 14th

Sunday at the Sanctuary-An Organic Vegan Wine and Virgin Cheese Event

There are many people that cannot have an animal companion, not even a domestic one, but what if you had the chance to sponsor a companion and come visit anytime you want?

Well now you can!

At our shelter our animals will enjoy open spaces in which to roam, organic locally grown food and special care in a nurturing environment.

Along with rescuing animals we would like to become a community event and education center. We plan on offering school field trips and after school programs for children interested in learning about animal care and welfare. Here they will be able to feed and care for the animals along with learning about their environmental care.

We also plan on holding farmers markets, open air movie nights, Vegan cooking classes with guest chefs from around the community, open air yoga classes, astronomy night and many more exciting things to come.